Dollar General Corporation stands as one of the prominent retail chains in America, renowned for its extensive range of products available at affordable prices across all its stores. The DGme Employee Login Portal serves as an essential platform enabling present Dollar General employees to conveniently access their business accounts via internet-connected devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Accessing their DGME employee account grants Dollar General employees visibility into crucial aspects of their employment, including their work hours, W2 forms, benefits information, Dollar General Careers, vital announcements, and records within the DGme Paystub portal. This platform facilitates a range of work-related tasks round the clock, empowering users to check application statuses, submit necessary documents, and undertake various essential activities. Dollar General strongly values its people, recognizing them as the cornerstone of success within the DGme Login ecosystem.

Dollar General prioritizes its employees, offering jobs across levels and investing in training for career growth.


DGME Services offers a platform for skill development and enhancement through top-notch training programs and acclaimed promotional activities. This article covers Dollar General’s employee registration process, benefits, and more.

Furthermore, competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits are provided to employees, evident in the company’s internal promotions and extensive recruitment across over 17,000 stores, 18 distribution centers, DGme Fresh facilities, exclusive fleet network, and customer service centers.

How to Perform DGME Login?

The DGme employee login at Dollar General is accessible to all currently active employees. If you’re a registered authorized user, gaining access to this portal involves following a few simple steps outlined below.

To access the official DGME registration portal for Dollar General employees, visit webapps.dolgen.net/dgme2 or DGME Login.

  1. Input your employee ID, initials (legal first and last name), and the corresponding password linked to your Dollar General EID into the designated fields.
  1. Click on the Login button to unlock access to the DGME portal and enter your Dollar General employee account.
  2. Your DGME Login account will be displayed for use.

With Dollar General, you now have access to all your information, the ability to explore new job positions, complete forms, and perform various other tasks effortlessly.

How to Register for the Dollar General Employee Portal?

Both users and employees have dedicated portals tailored to manage and store their respective work. To begin, let’s delve into the process of registering a new user.

  • If you’re a new user aiming to create an account on the DGme employee portal, utilize this registration link: https://websso.dolgen.net/ssoa/NewRegistration.aspx.
  • Upon accessing the registration page, it may resemble a password reset page.
  • Enter the required details including Employee ID, Date of Birth, Last 4 Digits of SSN, and Legal Name. Proceed by clicking the Submit button.
  • Follow any on-screen prompts if necessary to complete the registration process for this portal.
  • Having covered the employee portal registration, let’s now explore the steps for setting up a user account on the DGME website.

Notes For Creating An Account on DGme

  • Upon visiting the DGme website for materials and offers, you’ll notice the login option in the upper right corner.
  • Click on the login option, leading to a dropdown menu displaying more choices. Choose the ‘Create Account’ option under DGme Login.
  • A window for account creation will pop up. Enter your first name (last name and first name), zip code, email address, and password.
  • Ensure your password contains a number, a character, and both upper and lower case letters.
  • If you wish to receive information, emails, and digital receipts for offers, check the relevant boxes before clicking the ‘Create Account’ button.
  • That concludes the process for general users to create an account on the Dollar General website.
  • Now, you can add your favorite items to the shopping cart and conveniently place orders online, delivered right to your doorstep.

How to Retrieve DGME Credentials?

Employee ID Online

To access the DGME portal, you’ll require your Dollar General employee ID. If you’re unaware of your DGme EID, you can retrieve it by providing certain identity-related information.

  • Navigate to the DGME employee login page and click on the ‘search here’ link. This link is situated next to ‘If you don’t know your EID,’ positioned above the portal entry fields, which will redirect you to the employee search engine.

You’ll be directed to the ‘Get DGme Employee ID’ page where you’ll need to provide the following information:

  • Enter your legal name exactly as it appears on your social security card, following the format of month, day, and year of birth. Input the year you were initially hired at Dollar General, and then provide the last four digits of your social security number.

DG ME Employee Login Password

  • If you’ve forgotten your password but remember your Dollar General employee ID, you’ll need to reset it to access your DGme Login employee account. To initiate the password reset process for your Dollar General DGME login, you can…
  • Go to webapps.dolgen.net/dgme2
  • Locate the employee login field at the upper right corner, which includes a link named ‘Forgot my password.’ Click on it to begin the password recovery process.
  • Input your employee ID, legal name, and the last four digits of your SSN in the designated fields. Ensure to select your month, day, and year of birth accordingly.
  • Click the Submit button and proceed to follow the on-screen instructions for resetting your Dollar General DGME login password.

Dollar General Employee Benefits:

Dollar General provides a comprehensive benefits package through its DGME Employee Portal, encompassing various features and overall well-being.

  • Health insurance coverage, encompassing medicine/Rx, telemedicine, dentistry, and vision care.
  • Assistance for accidents, serious illnesses, cancer, or hospitalizations.
  • Life insurance options.
  • Competitive base salary and the possibility of an annual bonus.
  • Short and long-term disability benefits within DG Careers.
  • Flexible expense accounts.
  • Parental Leave and Adoption Assistance.
  • Life Lock protection against identity theft.
  • Legal plan provided through DGME Paystub.
  • Coverage for accidents during business trips.
  • Healthy Lifestyle and Disease Management Program.
  • Holistic wellness programs integrating physical, financial, and behavioral health, supplemented with legal counsel.
  • Employee discounts on pet insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, and more.
  • Dollar General 401(k) Savings and Retirement Plan, with a variety of investment options.
  • Paid leave and holidays.
  • Contribution to pre-tax income up to 25% or annual IRS limit.
  • Service Award Recognition.
  • Store Support Center Rewards such as exercise room access, on-site dry cleaning, subsidized child care, DGme daywear, and more.”

About Dollar General

Many are familiar with the store while shopping there. Building a successful multi-billion dollar business from the ground up is a considerable endeavor, and James Luther Turner and Cal Turner have executed it remarkably. As the father and son duo, they stand as pioneers in the retail industry, amassing total assets of $22.825 billion.

After Cal Turner Jr.’s passing in 1987, leadership transitioned to the next generation until David Perdue assumed the role of CEO in 2003. During the same year, Dollar General market employee ventured into the retail market with its Dollar General Market concept in the warehousing sector. Subsequently, following David Bere’s interim CEO tenure, the company’s shares were acquired by multiple investors for $6.9 billion, marking the launch of DGme Paystub. Notably, DGME also sponsored prominent figures in NASCAR such as Joe Gibbs Racing, Brain Vickers, and Matt Kenseth, while also supporting events like the Dollar General Bowl.

Dollar General distinguishes itself in the retail landscape by focusing on inexpensive merchandise. Most of its stores are strategically situated in rural areas, with a unique operational model of not owning these locations. This approach minimizes initial business costs and offers flexibility in relocating if needed. The stores are compact with a small workforce, limited brands and products (around 12,000), and minimal fresh product inventory. These strategic choices enable cost reduction, allowing Dollar General to offer competitive prices to its customers.

Dollar General Careers

To discover job openings within the DGME Employee Portal, follow the provided link. Upon accessing the tab, you’ll encounter various fields designed to assist in locating your desired job opportunity.

  • Enter the keyword/application ID/city or state in the first available field.
  • Select the desired job category.
  • Choose the store and specify your preferred Dollar General Careers location.
  • After completing these selections, a comprehensive list of results will appear on the screen. From there, select the DG Careers that align with your preferences and aspirations.
Official NameDGme
Portal TypeLogin
Accessible ByDollar General Employees
Mobile AppNot Available
Managed ByDollar General

How to Delete the Dollar General Account?

If you wish to delete your DGme account from the portal for any reason, whether due to dissatisfaction with their services or a negative experience, we can guide you through the process. We’ll outline two methods to remove all your personal information from your account.

There are two primary legal avenues to consider for deleting your data from DGme. First, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation for EU Citizens) grants individuals the right to request organizations to delete their data. You can accomplish this by sending an email or letter to DG. Secondly, there’s the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) that mandates California residents can demand companies to delete any personal information held about them. Non-compliance may result in a fine of up to $7,500 per violation.

Additionally, if you’re using DG’s General Money or Digital Coupon Ads app, you can uninstall it by navigating to your device settings, accessing Storage Apps, and selecting the uninstall option.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Do Dollar General employees receive discounts?

Yes, Dollar General Corporation retirees, employees, their families, and friends are eligible for discounts, benefits, and exclusive pricing on everyday products and services.

How can I confirm my application’s status?

Upon completing registration and necessary assessments, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided during registration. If you don’t find the email from Dollar General Careers in your inbox, please check your spam or email security alert folders. Due to the high volume of applications, we regret that we can’t respond individually to all applicants. If your qualifications match our current staffing needs, we’ll reach out to you directly.

Where can I go if I don’t have computer access? How can I submit an application?

Applications must be submitted online. However, public libraries and state employment agencies typically offer free computer and internet access. Alternatively, candidates can also apply using smartphones or tablets.”


Through Dollar General employee portal, all employees gain access to the company’s offered benefits such as Medicare, Life Insurance, and more. However, this portal offers more than just benefits. It facilitates efficient communication among employees, streamlines shelf-filling tasks, and even allows for flexible scheduling adjustments. Moreover, it fosters discussions about employee rights and concerns.

Dollar Shopping’s successful model enhances the shopping experience by curating stores with a diverse array of products, simplifying the shopping process. Dollar General prioritizes convenience, stocking a range of essentials from laundry detergent and toilet paper to soap, shampoo, and everyday gadgets. The average customer completes their purchases within 10 minutes, owing to the store’s efficient setup. Behind the scenes, dedicated individuals work tirelessly to deliver these services, driving the brand’s success.

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